Halloween - Scoil Náisiúnta Béal an Mhuirthead Sinsear

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Scary Halloween Night
It was a very nice evening in Belmullet. It was Halloween Night. I invited my friends over for a sleepover. We had to dress up to go Trick or Treating. I was dressed as a creepy doll and my two friends were dressed as a witch and a vampire. We had a great time. Then my dad said we could go over to my Auntie’s house for a walk.

When we passed a church we saw a weird shadow. It was like the shadow of a woman because you could see the long hair. Then while we were walking we could hear footsteps behind us but everytime we looked back no one was there. When we passed a massive wall, we could see a sign. It said ‘Keep Away’ in red paint and the red paint was dripping down from it.

Finally, when we arrived we stayed there for an hour. When we were on our way home we couldn’t see the red on the wall or any shadow at the church or anything like that.

Then when we were back home we played the Ducking Game and a Flour Tower Game. It was lots of fun. After we changed into out pyjamas and ate our sweets and watched a horror movie. We went to sleep and in the morning nothing scary happened.

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